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Commit 5df3c8bc authored by Evan Prodromou's avatar Evan Prodromou

Show the list of repeaters in threaded notice list

parent fb406a81
......@@ -569,17 +569,35 @@ class ThreadedNoticeListRepeatsItem extends NoticeListActorsItem
return $profiles;
function magicList($items)
if (count($items) > 4) {
return parent::magicList(array_slice($items, 0, 3));
} else {
return parent::magicList($items);
function getListMessage($count, $you)
if ($count == 1 && $you) {
// darn first person being different from third person!
// TRANS: List message for notice repeated by logged in user.
return _m('REPEATLIST', 'You have repeated this notice.');
return _m('REPEATLIST', 'You repeated this.');
} else if ($count > 4) {
// TRANS: List message for when more than 4 people repeat something.
// TRANS: %%s is a list of users liking a notice, %d is the number over 4 that like the notice.
// TRANS: Plural is decided on the total number of users liking the notice (count of %%s + %d).
return sprintf(_m('%%s and %d other repeated this.',
'%%s and %d others repeated this.',
$count - 3),
$count - 3);
} else {
// TRANS: List message for repeated notices.
// TRANS: %d is the number of users that have repeated a notice.
return sprintf(_m('One person has repeated this notice.',
'%d people have repeated this notice.',
// TRANS: List message for favoured notices.
// TRANS: %%s is a list of users liking a notice.
// TRANS: Plural is based on the number of of users that have favoured a notice.
return sprintf(_m('%%s repeated this.',
'%%s repeated this.',
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