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......@@ -8,28 +8,93 @@ Requirements
* An account on the Yammer network you wish to import from
* An administrator account on the target StatusNet instance
* An administrator account on the target StatusNet instance, or
command-line administrative access
* This YammerImport plugin enabled on your StatusNet instance
The import process will be runnable through an administration panel on
your StatusNet site.
The user interface and OAuth setup has not yet been completed, you will
have to manually initiate the OAuth authentication to get a token.
Yammer API key registrations only work for your own network unless you make
arrangements for a 'trusted app' key, so for now users will need to register
the app themselves. There is a helper in the admin panel for this.
Be patient, there will be a UI soon. ;)
In theory any number of users, groups, and messages should be supported, but
it hasn't been fully tested on non-trivial-sized sites.
No provision has yet been made for dealing with conflicting usernames or
group names, or names which are not considered valid by StatusNet. Errors
are possible.
Running via the web admin interface requires having queueing enabled, and is
fairly likely to have problems with the application key registration step in
a small installation at this time.
Web setup
The import process is runnable through an administration panel on your
StatusNet site. The user interface is still a bit flaky, however, and if
errors occur during import the process may stop with no way to restart it
The admin interface will probably kinda blow up if JS/AJAX isn't working.
You'll be prompted to register the application and authenticate into Yammer,
after which a progress screen will display.
Two big warnings:
* The progress display does not currently auto-refresh.
* If anything fails once actual import has begun, it'll just keep showing
the current state. You won't see an error message, and there's no way
to reset or restart from the web UI yet.
You can continue or reset the import state using the command-line script.
CLI setup
You'll need to register an application consumer key to allow the importer
to connect to your Yammer network; this requires logging into Yammer:
Check all the 'read' options; no 'write' options are required, but Yammer
seems to end up setting them anyway.
You can set the resulting keys directly in config.php:
$config['yammer']['consumer_key'] = '#####';
$config['yammer']['consumer_secret'] = '##########';
Initiate authentication by starting up the importer script:
php plugins/YammerImport/scripts/yammer-import.php
Since you haven't yet authenticated, this will request an auth token and
give you a URL to open in your web browser. Once logged in and authorized
there, you'll be given a confirmation code. Pass this back:
php plugins/YammerImport/scripts/yammer-import.php --verify=####
If all is well, the import process will begin and run through the end.
In case of error or manual abort, you should be able to continue the
import from where you left off by running the script again:
php plugins/YammerImport/scripts/yammer-import.php
To reset the Yammer import state -- without removing any of the items
that have already been imported -- you can pass the --reset option:
php plugins/YammerImport/scripts/yammer-import.php --reset
Paging has not yet been added, so the importer will only pull up to:
* first 50 users
* first 20 groups
* last 20 public messages
This'll let you start over from the requesting-authentication stage.
Any users, groups, or notices that have already been imported will be
Subscriptions and group memberships
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