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Commit 586aaa59 authored by mattl's avatar mattl

Quote URL on dupe search and better logging on upgrade

parent 457d32e2
......@@ -735,16 +735,18 @@ class File extends Managed_DataObject
$dupfile = new File();
// First we find file entries that would be duplicates of this when shortened
// ... and we'll just throw the dupes out the window for now! It's already so borken.
$dupfile->query(sprintf('SELECT * FROM file WHERE LEFT(url, 191) = "%1$s"', $file->shortenedurl));
$dupfile->query(sprintf('SELECT * FROM file WHERE LEFT(url, 191) = %1$s', $dupfile->_quote($file->shortenedurl)));
// Leave one of the URLs in the database by using ->find(true) (fetches first entry)
if ($dupfile->find(true)) {
print "\nShortening url entry for $table id: {$file->id} [";
$orig = clone($dupfile);
$origurl = $dupfile->url; // save for logging purposes
$dupfile->url = $file->shortenedurl; // make sure it's only 191 chars from now on
print "\nDeleting duplicate entries of too long URL on $table id: {$file->id} [";
// only start deleting with this fetch.
while($dupfile->fetch()) {
common_log(LOG_INFO, sprintf('Deleting duplicate File entry of %1$d: %2$d (original URL: %3$s collides with these first 191 characters: %4$s', $dupfile->id, $file->id, $origurl, $file->shortenedurl));
print ".";
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