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/** Howto: create a StatusNet theme
* @package StatusNet
* @author Sarven Capadisli <csarven@status.net>
* @copyright 2010 StatusNet, Inc.
* @license http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 unported
* @link http://status.net/
* To use a theme other than neo, add this to config.php:
$config['site']['theme'] = 'yourthemename';
== Location of key paths and files ==
base/css/display.css #layout, typography rules
base/images/ #common icons, illustrations
base/images/icons/icons-01.png #main icons file (combined into a single file)
default/css/display.css #imports the base stylesheet for layout and adds background images and colour rules
default/logo.png #default site logo for this theme
default/mobilelogo.png #default logo for the mobile output
default/default-avatar-mini.png #24x24 default avatar for minilists
default/default-avatar-stream.png #48x48 default avatar for notice timelines
default/default-avatar-profile.png #96x96 default avatar for the profile page
== How to create your own theme ==
You probably want to do one of the following:
* If you just want to change the text, link, background, content, sidebar colours, background image:
** Do this from the Admin->Design settings (recommended!). You could also create a directory and a file structure like the default theme, search and replace with your own values. This is more work, but, you can do this if you plan to make additional *minimal* changes.
* If you want to change the background images and colours:
# Create a directory and a file structure like the default theme.
# Have your stylesheet import base/css/display.css and add your own styles below. It is okay to add *minimal* changes here.
* If you want to create a different layout, typography, background images and colours:
** Create your own theme directory (base or default) with stylesheets and images like.
Finally, enable your theme by selecting it from the Admin->Design interface. You can set site's logo from here as well.
* To use/import the base theme, add this to your theme.ini file:
* To include an external CSS resource (e.g. for a webfont), add this to the top of your theme.ini file:
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