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Commit 565e32ac authored by mattl's avatar mattl

Always generate local HTTPS links if ssl is 'always'

The isHTTPS call won't work in cli mode, so install_cli.php should
solve it some other way for initial profile url and User uri.
parent 2a5ba1f7
......@@ -1241,7 +1241,9 @@ function common_local_url($action, $args=null, $params=null, $fragment=null, $ad
$r = Router::get();
$path = $r->build($action, $args, $params, $fragment);
$ssl = StatusNet::isHTTPS() || common_is_sensitive($action);
$ssl = common_config('site', 'ssl') === 'always'
|| StatusNet::isHTTPS()
|| common_is_sensitive($action);
if (common_config('site','fancy')) {
$url = common_path($path, $ssl, $addSession);
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