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Commit 5650a6e9 authored by Evan Prodromou's avatar Evan Prodromou

Just use avatarSize() method for SingleNoticeItem

parent 24e14915
......@@ -333,28 +333,8 @@ class ShownoticeAction extends OwnerDesignAction
// @todo FIXME: Class documentation missing.
class SingleNoticeItem extends DoFollowListItem
* show the avatar of the notice's author
* We use the larger size for single notice page.
* @return void
function showAvatar()
function avatarSize()
$avatar_size = AVATAR_PROFILE_SIZE;
$avatar = $this->profile->getAvatar($avatar_size);
$this->out->element('img', array('src' => ($avatar) ?
$avatar->displayUrl() :
'class' => 'avatar photo',
'width' => $avatar_size,
'height' => $avatar_size,
'alt' =>
($this->profile->fullname) ?
$this->profile->fullname :
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