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Commit 54c88cba authored by Brion Vibber's avatar Brion Vibber

Add a $config['plugins']['locale_path'] which can be set to override the...

Add a $config['plugins']['locale_path'] which can be set to override the individual plugins' locale subdirectories.
This will apply to *ALL* plugins in *ALL* languages, so should probably only be used when doing site customization...

You'd probably do:

  $config['site']['locale_path'] = '/srv/awesome/data/locale';
  $config['plugins']['locale_path'] = '/srv/awesome/data/locale';

with a structure like:

etc, all alongside each other. You could separate plugins from the core if you like.

Where locale files have not already been generated, you can build one for a plugin like so:

  php scripts/update_po_templates.php --plugin=MyPlugin

and pull out the template file:


Edit that (make sure you at least set the CHARSET, probably to UTF-8) and save your customized .po
files into the structure as above, and use msgfmt to generate .mo files for final output.
parent 120a117f
......@@ -298,6 +298,7 @@ $default =
'WikiHashtags' => null,
'RSSCloud' => null,
'OpenID' => null),
'locale_path' => false, // Set to a path to use *instead of* each plugin's own locale subdirectories
'admin' =>
array('panels' => array('design', 'site', 'user', 'paths', 'access', 'sessions', 'sitenotice', 'license')),
......@@ -88,7 +88,12 @@ class Plugin
$class = get_class($this);
if (substr($class, -6) == 'Plugin') {
$name = substr($class, 0, -6);
$path = INSTALLDIR . "/plugins/$name/locale";
$path = common_config('plugins', 'locale_path');
if (!$path) {
// @fixme this will fail for things installed in local/plugins
// ... but then so will web links so far.
$path = INSTALLDIR . "/plugins/$name/locale";
if (file_exists($path) && is_dir($path)) {
bindtextdomain($name, $path);
bind_textdomain_codeset($name, 'UTF-8');
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