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Commit 544c58d2 authored by Evan Prodromou's avatar Evan Prodromou

Some bug fixes

The $tomod variable wasn't set, and the ColumnDef constructor
didn't work without any args. These are fixed.
parent d103522f
......@@ -284,6 +284,8 @@ class Schema
$same = array_intersect($new, $cur);
$tomod = array();
foreach ($same as $m) {
$curCol = $this->_byName($td->columns, $m);
$newCol = $this->_byName($columns, $m);
......@@ -386,8 +388,9 @@ class ColumnDef
public $default;
public $extra;
function __construct($name, $type, $size=null, $nullable=true,
$key=null, $default=null, $extra=null) {
function __construct($name=null, $type=null, $size=null,
$nullable=true, $key=null, $default=null,
$extra=null) {
$this->name = strtolower($name);
$this->type = strtolower($type);
$this->size = $size+0;
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