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Commit 54325e26 authored by mattl's avatar mattl

upgrade script makes sure all notices have rendered copies

parent ad4beb90
......@@ -203,14 +203,7 @@ class SearchNoticeListItem extends NoticeListItem {
// FIXME: URL, image, video, audio
$this->out->elementStart('p', array('class' => 'e-content'));
if ($this->notice->rendered) {
$this->out->raw($this->highlight($this->notice->rendered, $this->terms));
} else {
// XXX: may be some uncooked notices in the DB,
// we cook them right now. This should probably disappear in future
// versions (>> 0.4.x)
$this->out->raw($this->highlight(common_render_content($this->notice->content, $this->notice), $this->terms));
$this->out->raw($this->highlight($this->notice->getRendered(), $this->terms));
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