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Commit 527151c5 authored by Siebrand Mazeland's avatar Siebrand Mazeland

L10n/i18n tweaks.

parent ea8b4683
......@@ -335,7 +335,7 @@ class QnAPlugin extends MicroAppPlugin
} else {
$out->text(_m('Question data is missing'));
$out->text(_m('Question data is missing.'));
......@@ -109,7 +109,9 @@ class QnashowanswerAction extends ShownoticeAction
$question = $this->answer->getQuestion();
return sprintf(
_m('%s\'s answer to "%s"'),
// TRANS: Page title.
// TRANS: %1$s is the user who answered a question, %2$s is the question.
_m('1$%s\'s answer to "%2$s"'),
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