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Commit 519e1e62 authored by Siebrand Mazeland's avatar Siebrand Mazeland

Update generation of YAML files

* need lower case in some places
* update target path

Not in production yet at translatewiki.net - need some Translate extension code changes to get YAML config support for Gettext first.
parent 108c51fa
......@@ -80,20 +80,21 @@ function do_translatewiki_plugin($basedir, $plugin)
$outfile = "$yamldir/StatusNet-{$plugin}.yml";
$pluginlc = strtolower( $plugin );
$data = <<<END
id: out-statusnet-{$plugin}
id: out-statusnet-{$pluginlc}
label: StatusNet - {$plugin}
description: "{{int:bw-desc-statusnet-plugin-{$plugin}}}"
description: "{{int:bw-desc-statusnet-plugin-{$pluginlc}}}"
namespace: NS_STATUSNET
display: out/statusnet/{$plugin}
display: out/statusnet/{$pluginlc}
class: GettextMessageGroup
class: GettextFFS
sourcePattern: %GROUPROOT%/plugins/{$plugin}/locale/%CODE%/LC_MESSAGES/{$plugin}.po
targetPattern: {$plugin}.po
targetPattern: plugins/{$plugin}/locale/%CODE%/LC_MESSAGES/{$plugin}.po
en-gb: en_GB
no: nb
......@@ -103,7 +104,7 @@ FILES:
class: StringMatcher
prefix: {$plugin}-
prefix: {$pluginlc}-
- "*"
......@@ -208,4 +209,3 @@ if ($plugins) {
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