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Commit 4beaba9f authored by Brion Vibber's avatar Brion Vibber

Ticket #93: pretty up the auto-submit for OpenID logins a bit.

* throwing in our spinner
* cleanup of texts
* "If this doesn't go through click the button" instead of just a mystery button
* slightly faster submission: immediate at end of page rather than waiting for jQuery to confirm document setup completion
parent 0f975f42
......@@ -299,11 +299,21 @@ class AutosubmitAction extends Action
function title()
return _m('OpenID Auto-Submit');
return _m('OpenID Login Submission');
function showContent()
$this->raw('<p style="margin: 20px 80px">');
// @fixme this would be better using standard CSS class, but the present theme's a bit scary.
$this->element('img', array('src' => Theme::path('images/icons/icon_processing.gif', 'base'),
// for some reason the base CSS sets <img>s as block display?!
'style' => 'display: inline'));
$this->text(_m('Requesting authorization from your login provider...'));
$this->raw('<p style="margin-top: 60px; font-style: italic">');
$this->text(_m('If you are not redirected to your login provider in a few seconds, try pushing the button below.'));
......@@ -311,8 +321,6 @@ class AutosubmitAction extends Action
$this->element('script', null,
'$(document).ready(function() { ' .
' $(\'#'. $this->form_id .'\').submit(); '.
'document.getElementById(\'' . $this->form_id . '\').submit();');
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