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Commit 47c83f4c authored by Chimo's avatar Chimo

Only serve tagprofile HTML if we aren't POSTing via ajax

This fixes an issue where POSTing the selftag form in the
profile_block sidebar via AJAX would generate an XML response
containing both the content from doPost() and showPage(),
resulting in invalid XML.

These changes make it so that if we're POSTing via AJAX,
we serve content from doPost(), otherwise we serve showPage()
but never both.
parent 3294d704
......@@ -65,6 +65,15 @@ class TagprofileAction extends FormAction
return sprintf(_m('ADDTOLIST','List %s'), $this->target->getNickname());
function showPage()
// Only serve page content if we aren't POSTing via ajax
// otherwise, we serve XML content from doPost()
if (!$this->isPost() || !$this->boolean('ajax')) {
function showContent()
$this->elementStart('div', 'entity_profile h-card');
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