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Commit 44191ac8 authored by mattl's avatar mattl

Faves backed up properly to UAS

parent 4f9b70d5
......@@ -343,7 +343,6 @@ class FavoritePlugin extends ActivityHandlerPlugin
public function onAppendUserActivityStreamObjects(UserActivityStream $uas, array &$objs)
$faves = array();
$fave = new Fave();
$fave->user_id = $uas->getUser()->id;
......@@ -353,11 +352,11 @@ class FavoritePlugin extends ActivityHandlerPlugin
if ($fave->find()) {
while ($fave->fetch()) {
$faves[] = clone($fave);
$objs[] = clone($fave);
return $faves;
return true;
public function onStartShowThreadedNoticeTailItems(NoticeListItem $nli, Notice $notice, &$threadActive)
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