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Commit 42e22323 authored by mattl's avatar mattl

Use canonical object type in Notice title as ActivityObject

parent 0e8148af
......@@ -1988,7 +1988,7 @@ class Notice extends Managed_DataObject
if (Event::handle('StartActivityObjectFromNotice', array($this, &$object))) {
$object->type = $this->object_type ?: ActivityObject::NOTE;
$object->id = $this->getUri();
$object->title = sprintf('New %1$s by %2$s', $object->type, $this->getProfile()->getNickname());
$object->title = sprintf('New %1$s by %2$s', ActivityObject::canonicalType($object->type), $this->getProfile()->getNickname());
$object->content = $this->rendered;
$object->link = $this->getUrl();
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