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StatusNet 0.9.0 ("Stand") Release Candidate 2
22 Dec 2009
StatusNet 0.9.0 ("Stand") Beta 3
20 Jan 2010
This is the README file for StatusNet (formerly Laconica), the Open
Source microblogging platform. It includes installation instructions,
......@@ -167,6 +167,37 @@ Notable changes this version:
- Add support for "repeats" (similar to Twitter's "retweets").
- Support for repeats in Twitter API.
- Better notification of direct messages.
- New plugin to add "powered by StatusNet" to logo.
- Returnto works for private sites.
- Localisation updates, including new Persian translation.
- CAS authentication plugin
- Get rid of DB_DataObject native cache (big memory leaker)
- setconfig.php script to set configuration variables
- Blacklist plugin, to blacklist URLs and nicknames
- Users can set flag whether they want to share location
both in notice form (for one notice) and profile settings
(any notice)
- notice inboxes moved from normalized notice_inbox table to
denormalized inbox table
- Automatic compression of Memcache
- Memory caching pluginized
- Memcache, XCache, APC and Diskcache plugins
- A script to update user locations
- cache empty query results
- A sample plugin to show best plugin practices
- CacheLog plugin to debug cache accesses
- Require users to login to view attachments on private sites
- Plugin to use Mollom spam detection service
- Plugin for RSSCloud
- Add an array of default plugins
- A version action to give credit to contributors and plugin
- Daemon to read IMAP mailbox instead of using a mailbox script
- Pass session information between SSL and non-SSL server
when SSL set to 'sometimes'
- Major refactoring of queue handlers to manage very
large hosting site (like status.net)
- SubscriptionThrottle plugin to prevent subscription spamming
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