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Commit 3fb4b92c authored by Brion Vibber's avatar Brion Vibber

Fix ticket #3001: Twitter bridge was replacing original form of @-mentions...

Fix ticket #3001: Twitter bridge was replacing original form of @-mentions with canonical form unexpectedly

Now using the original text form of @-mentions and #-tags, as in Twitter's own HTMLification.
Canonical forms are still used in generating links, where it's polite to match the canonical form.
parent 8e7c279c
......@@ -583,15 +583,16 @@ class TwitterImport
foreach ($toReplace as $part) {
list($type, $object) = $part;
$orig = mb_substr($text, $object->indices[0], $object->indices[1] - $object->indices[0]);
switch($type) {
case self::URL:
$linkText = $this->makeUrlLink($object);
$linkText = $this->makeUrlLink($object, $orig);
case self::HASHTAG:
$linkText = $this->makeHashtagLink($object);
$linkText = $this->makeHashtagLink($object, $orig);
case self::MENTION:
$linkText = $this->makeMentionLink($object);
$linkText = $this->makeMentionLink($object, $orig);
......@@ -601,32 +602,32 @@ class TwitterImport
return $text;
function makeUrlLink($object)
function makeUrlLink($object, $orig)
return "<a href='{$object->url}' class='extlink'>{$object->url}</a>";
return "<a href='{$object->url}' class='extlink'>{$orig}</a>";
function makeHashtagLink($object)
function makeHashtagLink($object, $orig)
return "#" . self::tagLink($object->text);
return "#" . self::tagLink($object->text, substr($orig, 1));
function makeMentionLink($object)
function makeMentionLink($object, $orig)
return "@".self::atLink($object->screen_name, $object->name);
return "@".self::atLink($object->screen_name, $object->name, substr($orig, 1));
static function tagLink($tag)
static function tagLink($tag, $orig)
return "<a href='https://search.twitter.com/search?q=%23{$tag}' class='hashtag'>{$tag}</a>";
return "<a href='https://search.twitter.com/search?q=%23{$tag}' class='hashtag'>{$orig}</a>";
static function atLink($screenName, $fullName=null)
static function atLink($screenName, $fullName, $orig)
if (!empty($fullName)) {
return "<a href='http://twitter.com/#!/{$screenName}' title='{$fullName}'>{$screenName}</a>";
return "<a href='http://twitter.com/#!/{$screenName}' title='{$fullName}'>{$orig}</a>";
} else {
return "<a href='http://twitter.com/#!/{$screenName}'>{$screenName}</a>";
return "<a href='http://twitter.com/#!/{$screenName}'>{$orig}</a>";
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