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Commit 3b14b61f authored by Craig Andrews's avatar Craig Andrews

Add a configuration option to disable the login command.

$config['logincommand']['disabled'] = true;

This commit should be reverted once the command has been sufficiently tested and trusted.
parent 75cac0fd
......@@ -75,11 +75,14 @@ class LoginAction extends Action
function handle($args)
$disabled = common_config('logincommand','disabled');
if (common_is_real_login()) {
$this->clientError(_('Already logged in.'));
} else if ($_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] == 'POST') {
} else if (isset($args['user_id']) && isset($args['token'])){
} else if (!isset($disabled) && isset($args['user_id']) && isset($args['token'])){
} else {
......@@ -583,6 +583,11 @@ class LoginCommand extends Command
function execute($channel)
$disabled = common_config('logincommand','disabled');
if(isset($disabled)) {
$channel->error($this->user, _('Login command is disabled'));
$login_token = Login_token::staticGet('user_id',$this->user->id);
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