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Commit 3ac3bc32 authored by Brion Vibber's avatar Brion Vibber

Some localization cleanup and doc to aid in customization:

* added locale/en/LC_MESSAGES/statusnet.po to make it easier to start customizing English texts
* added notes to locale/README about customizing and how to disable languages you haven't customized
* renamed PO templates from *.po to *.pot to match general conventions and reduce confusion for people trying to find which file they're supposed to edit
parent dbaa93d1
Localizations for StatusNet are being maintained through TranslateWiki:
Note if you are working with a direct git checkout, you will need to build
the binary .mo files from the .po source files for translations to work
in the web app.
Ongoing translation work should be done there to ensure updates are
integrated into future versions of StatusNet.
If gettext and GNU make are installed, you can simply run 'make' in this
directory to build them.
== Building runtime translations ==
If you are working with a direct git checkout or have customized any
message files, you will need to build binary .mo files from the .po
source files for translations to work in the web app.
If gettext and GNU make are installed, you can simply run 'make' in the
main StatusNet directory, and all core and plugin localizations will be
== Customization ==
User interface texts in any language can be customized by editing the
texts in the .po source files, then rebuilding the binary .mo files
used at runtime.
The default/US English texts can be overridden by adding "translations"
to en/LC_MESSAGES/statusnet.po.
Note that texts you change in one language will not affect other
languages, which are selected based on visitors' browser preferences.
If you customizations include important information or links,
you may wish to disable languages that you haven't customized so that
visitors always get your text.
To disable all non-English languages add this to your config.php (you
will need to edit both the en and en_GB files):
$config['site']['languages'] = array(
'en-us' => array('q' => 1, 'lang' => 'en', 'name' => 'English (US)', 'direction' => 'ltr'),
'en-gb' => array('q' => 1, 'lang' => 'en_GB', 'name' => 'English (British)', 'direction' => 'ltr'),
'en' => array('q' => 1, 'lang' => 'en', 'name' => 'English (US)', 'direction' => 'ltr'),
To disable everything including British English variant:
$config['site']['languages'] = array(
'en' => array('q' => 1, 'lang' => 'en', 'name' => 'English', 'direction' => 'ltr'),
== Plugins ==
This locale directory contains translations for the core StatusNet
software only. Plugins may have their own locale subdirectories and
their own .po and .mo files as well, so if customizing you may need
to poke at those as well.
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ function update_core($dir, $domain)
xgettext \
--from-code=UTF-8 \
--default-domain=$domain \
--output=locale/$domain.po \
--output=locale/$domain.pot \
--language=PHP \
--add-comments=TRANS \
--keyword="_m:1,1t" \
......@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@ function do_update_plugin($dir, $domain)
xgettext \
--from-code=UTF-8 \
--default-domain=$domain \
--output=locale/$domain.po \
--output=locale/$domain.pot \
--language=PHP \
--add-comments=TRANS \
--keyword='' \
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