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Commit 39167686 authored by Evan Prodromou's avatar Evan Prodromou

Take out unnecessary HideNoticeStream

parent 04ad0838
......@@ -49,30 +49,13 @@ class PopularNoticeStream extends ScopingNoticeStream
function __construct($profile=null)
parent::__construct(new HideSilencedStream(new CachingNoticeStream(new RawPopularNoticeStream(),
parent::__construct(new CachingNoticeStream(new RawPopularNoticeStream(),
class HideSilencedStream extends FilteringNoticeStream
* Only return notices where the profile is in scope
* @param Notice $notice The notice to check
* @return boolean whether to include the notice
function filter($notice)
$author = $notice->getProfile();
return !$author->isSilenced();
class RawPopularNoticeStream extends NoticeStream
function getNoticeIds($offset, $limit, $since_id, $max_id)
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