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Commit 2fb76eec authored by Brion Vibber's avatar Brion Vibber

Followup fix for ticket 1672: Twitter bridge !group->#hash conversion will now...

Followup fix for ticket 1672: Twitter bridge !group->#hash conversion will now happen regardless of whether account was configured with oauth or basic auth (previously applied only on the oauth path)
parent dd96558b
......@@ -170,8 +170,6 @@ function broadcast_twitter($notice)
function broadcast_oauth($notice, $flink) {
$user = $flink->getUser();
$statustxt = format_status($notice);
// Convert !groups to #hashes
$statustxt = preg_replace('/(^|\s)!([A-Za-z0-9]{1,64})/', "\\1#\\2", $statustxt);
$token = TwitterOAuthClient::unpackToken($flink->credentials);
$client = new TwitterOAuthClient($token->key, $token->secret);
$status = null;
......@@ -276,7 +274,12 @@ function process_error($e, $flink)
function format_status($notice)
// XXX: Hack to get around PHP cURL's use of @ being a a meta character
return preg_replace('/^@/', ' @', $notice->content);
$statustxt = preg_replace('/^@/', ' @', $notice->content);
// Convert !groups to #hashes
$statustxt = preg_replace('/(^|\s)!([A-Za-z0-9]{1,64})/', "\\1#\\2", $statustxt);
return $statustxt;
function remove_twitter_link($flink)
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