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Commit 2e98a48f authored by Brion Vibber's avatar Brion Vibber

RecaptchaPlugin: fix for missing captcha on iPhone/Android.

MobileProfile serves pages out to iPhone and Android as application/xhtml+xml, which doesn't work with the default we we were loading recaptcha (as it used document.write). Switched to filling out a <div> from the AJAX API, which doesn't use document.write in the XHTML context.

Tested that view & submission works ok in following browsers:
Mobile: iPhone 3.1, Android 2.1, iPad 3.2 (this last doesn't trigger mobile theme tweaks)
Ubuntu 10.04: Firefox 3.6.3, Chrome 6
Mac 10.6: Safari 5/OS X 10.6.4
Windows 7: IE 8, Opera 10.56
parent 9d890e2b
......@@ -62,12 +62,29 @@ class RecaptchaPlugin extends Plugin
$action->raw('<label for="recaptcha">Captcha</label>');
if($this->checkssl() === true) {
$action->raw(recaptcha_get_html($this->public_key), null, true);
} else {
// AJAX API will fill this div out.
// We're calling that instead of the regular one so we stay compatible
// with application/xml+xhtml output as for mobile.
$action->element('div', array('id' => 'recaptcha'));
$action->recaptchaPluginNeedsOutput = true;
return true;
function onEndShowScripts($action)
if (isset($action->recaptchaPluginNeedsOutput) && $action->recaptchaPluginNeedsOutput) {
// Load the AJAX API
$proto = $this->checkssl() ? 'https' : 'http';
$url = "$proto://api.recaptcha.net/js/recaptcha_ajax.js";
// And when we're ready, fill out the captcha!
$key = json_encode($this->public_key);
$action->inlinescript("\$(function(){Recaptcha.create($key, 'recaptcha');});");
return true;
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