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Commit 2a6b3be4 authored by Craig Andrews's avatar Craig Andrews

correct config.php.sample documentation of sendfile

parent 4fe00a30
......@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ $config['site']['path'] = 'statusnet';
// lighttpd, nginx), you can enable X-Sendfile support for better
// performance. Presently, only attachment serving when the site is
// in private mode will use X-Sendfile.
// $config['site']['X-Sendfile'] = false;
// $config['site']['use_x_sendfile'] = false;
// You may also need to enable X-Sendfile support for your web server and
// allow it to access files outside of the web root. For Apache with
// mod_xsendfile, you can add these to your .htaccess or server config:
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