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Commit 2967c5c0 authored by Brion Vibber's avatar Brion Vibber

issue #3261 -- fix generic exception handler to pass through generic exception...

issue #3261 -- fix generic exception handler to pass through generic exception info, as already done for exceptions happening within an action. This fixes things like addPlugin() failures being hidden with a generic message.

If any email issues remain, they should be treated specifically if special treatment is needed.
parent fcc4bbde
...@@ -116,16 +116,14 @@ function handleError($error) ...@@ -116,16 +116,14 @@ function handleError($error)
common_config('site', 'name'), common_config('site', 'name'),
common_config('site', 'email') common_config('site', 'email')
); );
$dac = new DBErrorAction($msg, 500);
} else { } else {
// TRANS: Error message. $sac = new ServerErrorAction($error->getMessage(), 500, $error);
$msg = _('An important error occured, probably related to email setup. '. $sac->showPage();
'Check logfiles for more info.'
} }
$dac = new DBErrorAction($msg, 500);
} catch (Exception $e) { } catch (Exception $e) {
// TRANS: Error message. // TRANS: Error message.
echo _('An error occurred.'); echo _('An error occurred.');
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