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Commit 25864aea authored by Sarven Capadisli's avatar Sarven Capadisli

Using the default abbr class pattern for geo microformats instead of

the shorthand that I've proposed at

If anyone wants to pick up on where the discussion was left off or
get more implementation support by other sites and software, and be
recognized by parsers, I'd be happy to go back to the shorthand.
Because you know, it actually makes a lot of sense.
parent 391b4594
......@@ -438,14 +438,15 @@ class NoticeListItem extends Widget
$this->out->text(' ');
if (empty($url)) {
$this->out->element('span', array('class' => 'geo',
$this->out->element('abbr', array('class' => 'geo',
'title' => $latlon),
} else {
$this->out->element('a', array('class' => 'geo',
'title' => $latlon,
'href' => $url),
$this->out->elementStart('a', array('href' => $url));
$this->out->element('abbr', array('class' => 'geo',
'title' => $latlon),
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