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Commit 23e66bef authored by mattl's avatar mattl

common_fake_local_fancy_url to remove index.php/ from a local URL

parent d16a883e
......@@ -1391,6 +1391,42 @@ function common_path($relative, $ssl=false, $addSession=true)
return $proto.'://'.$serverpart.'/'.$pathpart.$relative;
function common_fake_local_fancy_url($url)
* This is a hacky fix to make URIs generated with "index.php/" match against
* locally stored URIs without that. So for example if the remote site is looking
* up the webfinger for some user and for some reason knows about https://some.example/user/1
* but we locally store and report only https://some.example/index.php/user/1 then they would
* dismiss the profile for not having an identified alias.
* There are various live instances where these issues occur, for various reasons.
* Most of them being users fiddling with configuration while already having
* started federating (distributing the URI to other servers) or maybe manually
* editing the local database.
if (!preg_match(
// [1] protocol part, we can only rewrite http/https anyway.
'/^(https?:\/\/)' .
// [2] site name.
// FIXME: Dunno how this acts if we're aliasing ourselves with a .onion domain etc.
'('.preg_quote(common_config('site', 'server'), '/').')' .
// [3] site path, or if that is empty just '/' (to retain the /)
'('.preg_quote(common_config('site', 'path') ?: '/', '/').')' .
// [4] + [5] extract index.php (+ possible leading double /) and the rest of the URL separately.
'(\/?index\.php\/)(.*)$/', $url, $matches)) {
// if preg_match failed to match
throw Exception('No known change could be made to the URL.');
// now reconstruct the URL with everything except the "index.php/" part
$fancy_url = '';
foreach ([1,2,3,5] as $idx) {
$fancy_url .= $matches[$idx];
return $fancy_url;
function common_inject_session($url, $serverpart = null)
if (!common_have_session()) {
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