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Initial README for yammer importer

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Yammer Import Plugin
This plugin allows a one-time import pulling user accounts, groups, and
public messages from an existing Yammer instance, using Yammer's public API.
* An account on the Yammer network you wish to import from
* An administrator account on the target StatusNet instance
* This YammerImport plugin enabled on your StatusNet instance
The import process will be runnable through an administration panel on
your StatusNet site.
The user interface and OAuth setup has not yet been completed, you will
have to manually initiate the OAuth authentication to get a token.
Be patient, there will be a UI soon. ;)
Paging has not yet been added, so the importer will only pull up to:
* first 50 users
* first 20 groups
* last 20 public messages
Subscriptions and group memberships
Yammer's API does not expose user/tag subscriptions or group memberships
except for the authenticating user. As a result, users will need to re-join
groups and re-follow their fellow users after the import.
(This limitation may be lifted in future for sites on the Silver or Gold
plans where the import is done by a verified admin, as it should be possible
to fetch the information for each user via the admin account.)
Account passwords cannot be retrieved, but the primary e-mail address is
retained so users can reset their passwords by mail if you're not using a
custom authentication system like LDAP.
Private messages and groups
At this time, only public messages are imported; private direct and group
messages are ignored. (This may change with Silver and Gold plans in future.)
Yammer groups may be either public or private. Groups in StatusNet currently
have no privacy option, so any private groups will become public groups in the
imported site.
Attached image and document files will be copied in as if they had been
uploaded to the StatusNet site. Currently images do not display inline like
they do on Yammer; they will be linked instead.
File type and size limitations on attachments will be applied, so beware some
attachments may not make it through.
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