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Commit 1dfebc61 authored by Evan Prodromou's avatar Evan Prodromou

add some debugging stuff to Notice

parent babac776
......@@ -240,17 +240,23 @@ class Notice extends Memcached_DataObject
# If outside our cache window, just go to the DB
if ($offset + $limit > NOTICE_CACHE_WINDOW) {
common_debug('request is too deep, just getting from DB');
return Notice::getStreamDirect($qry, $offset, $limit);
common_debug('CONNECTING TO CACHE');
# Get the cache; if we can't, just go to the DB
$cache = common_memcache();
if (!$cache) {
common_debug('Failed connecting to cache; just going to db');
return Notice::getStreamDirect($qry, $offset, $limit);
common_debug('getting from cache');
# Get the notices out of the cache
$notices = $cache->get(common_cache_key($cachekey));
......@@ -258,35 +264,50 @@ class Notice extends Memcached_DataObject
# On a cache hit, return a DB-object-like wrapper
if ($notices) {
common_debug('Cache hit!');
common_debug('Got this many notices: ' . count($notices));
$wrapper = new NoticeWrapper(array_slice($notices, $offset, $limit));
return $wrapper;
common_debug('Getting full window from DB.');
# Otherwise, get the full cache window out of the DB
$notice = Notice::getStreamDirect($qry, 0, NOTICE_CACHE_WINDOW);
common_debug('Got notice: ' . print_r($notice, TRUE));
# If there are no hits, just return the value
if (!$notice) {
return $notice;
common_debug('Copying notices to an array');
# Pack results into an array
$notices = array();
while ($notice->fetch()) {
common_debug('Got notice: ' . print_r($notice, TRUE));
$notices[] = clone($notice);
common_debug('Array size is: ' . count($notices));
# Store the array in the cache for next time
$cache->set(common_cache_key($cachekey), $notices);
$result = $cache->set(common_cache_key($cachekey), $notices);
common_debug('memcached result is ' . $result);
# return a wrapper of the array for use now
$wrapper = new NoticeWrapper(array_slice($notices, $offset, $limit));
common_debug('Got wrapper: ' . print_r($wrapper, TRUE));
return $wrapper;
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