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Commit 1d6091ca authored by Evan Prodromou's avatar Evan Prodromou

Two bug fixes in activityimporter

parent 120802b8
......@@ -189,6 +189,8 @@ class ActivityImporter extends QueueHandler
" it's got a different author %s."),
$sourceUri, $uri));
} else {
throw new ClientException("Not overwriting author info for non-trusted user.");
......@@ -338,8 +340,11 @@ class ActivityImporter extends QueueHandler
function purify($content)
require_once INSTALLDIR.'/extlib/htmLawed/htmLawed.php';
$config = array('safe' => 1,
'deny_attribute' => 'id,style,on*');
return htmLawed($content, $config);
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