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Commit 1cd02975 authored by Brenda Wallace's avatar Brenda Wallace

added 2 missing authors, foudn automatically in git logs

parent d88b208e
......@@ -19,16 +19,19 @@
* @category StatusNet
* @package StatusNet
* @author Brenda Wallace <shiny@cpan.org>
* @author Brion Vibber <brion@pobox.com>
* @author Christopher Vollick <psycotica0@gmail.com>
* @author CiaranG <ciaran@ciarang.com>
* @author Craig Andrews <candrews@integralblue.com>
* @author Evan Prodromou <evan@controlezvous.ca>
* @author Gina Haeussge <osd@foosel.net>
* @author James Walker <walkah@walkah.net>
* @author Jeffery To <jeffery.to@gmail.com>
* @author Mike Cochrane <mikec@mikenz.geek.nz>
* @author Robin Millette <millette@controlyourself.ca>
* @author Sarven Capadisli <csarven@controlyourself.ca>
* @author Tom Adams <tom@holizz.com>
* @author Zach Copley <zach@status.net>
* @copyright 2009 Free Software Foundation, Inc http://www.fsf.org
* @license GNU Affero General Public License http://www.gnu.org/licenses/
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