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1.2.x branch started (utf8mb4 support is reason enough)

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# GNU social 1.1.3 (beta3)
February 2015
# GNU social 1.2.x
(c) Free Software Foundation, Inc
(c) StatusNet, Inc
......@@ -100,16 +100,19 @@ for additional terms.
## New this version
This is a security fix and bug fix release since 1.1.3-beta2.
All 1.1.x sites should upgrade to this version.
This is the development branch for the 1.2.x version of GNU social.
All daring 1.1.x admins should upgrade to this version.
So far it includes the following changes:
- Backing up a user's account is more and more complete.
- Emojis 😸 (utf8mb4 support)
The last release, 1.1.3, gave us these improvements:
- XSS security fix (thanks Simon Waters, <https://www.surevine.com/>)
- Many improvements to ease adoption of the Qvitter front-end <https://github.com/hannesmannerheim/qvitter>
- Protocol adaptions for improved performance and stability
- Backing up a user's account now appears to work as it should
- Emojis 😸
Upgrades from _StatusNet_ 1.1.1 will also experience these improvements:
......@@ -147,7 +150,7 @@ In the current phase of development it is probably
recommended to use git as a means to stay up to date
with the source code. You can choose between these
- 1.1.x "stable", few updates, well tested code
- 1.2.x "stable", few updates, well tested code
- master "testing", more updates, usually working well
- nightly "unstable", most updates, not always working
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