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Commit 18c6a0bf authored by mattl's avatar mattl

Show poll results also to non-logged in visitors

parent fb1b80c9
......@@ -450,18 +450,14 @@ class PollPlugin extends MicroAppPlugin
// If the stored notice is a POLL_OBJECT
$poll = Poll::getByNotice($stored);
if ($poll instanceof Poll and $scoped instanceof Profile) {
$response = $poll->getResponse($scoped);
if ($response instanceof Poll_response) {
// User has already responded; show the results.
if ($poll instanceof Poll) {
if (!$scoped instanceof Profile || $poll->getResponse($scoped) instanceof Poll_response) {
// Either the user is not logged in or it has already responded; show the results.
$form = new PollResultForm($poll, $out);
} else {
$form = new PollResponseForm($poll, $out);
} elseif (!$scoped instanceof Profile) {
// TRANS: No current user's profile, so we can't take a reply.
$out->text(_m('You must be logged in to respond to this poll.'));
} else {
// TRANS: Error text displayed if no poll data could be found.
$out->text(_m('Poll data is missing'));
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