Commit 155a5d44 authored by Brion Vibber's avatar Brion Vibber

Manual failover for stomp queues.

If an array of multiple servers is put in $config['queue']['stomp_server'], enqueues will pick a random server to send to (failing over automatically if any are down).
Queue handling daemons connect all servers so they get events no matter where they were delivered.
In case of disconnection, daemons should now handle it gracefully and attempt to reconnect every 60 seconds or so, automatically resubscribing to all queues once it's back up.

Can put to 'native' failover for reads as well by disabling $config['stomp']['manual_failover'] = false; but this is untested and may explode in addition to requiring that your ActiveMQ cluster actually be set up to handle its own data distribution.

Additionally, can choose which queues to mark as persistent by setting $config['stomp']['persistent'] to an array of queue names.
parent d00ce385
......@@ -85,6 +85,7 @@ $default =
'stomp_username' => null,
'stomp_password' => null,
'stomp_persistent' => true, // keep items across queue server restart, if persistence is enabled
'stomp_manual_failover' => true, // if multiple servers are listed, treat them as separate (enqueue on one randomly, listen on all)
'monitor' => null, // URL to monitor ping endpoint (work in progress)
'softlimit' => '90%', // total size or % of memory_limit at which to restart queue threads gracefully
'debug_memory' => false, // true to spit memory usage to log
......@@ -33,6 +33,22 @@ class LiberalStomp extends Stomp
return $this->_socket;
* Return the host we're currently connected to.
* @return string
function getServer()
$idx = $this->_currentHost;
if ($idx >= 0) {
$host = $this->_hosts[$idx];
return "$host[0]:$host[1]";
} else {
return '[unconnected]';
* Make socket connection to the server
* We also set the stream to non-blocking mode, since we'll be
......@@ -71,10 +87,12 @@ class LiberalStomp extends Stomp
// @fixme this sometimes hangs in blocking mode...
// shouldn't we have been idle until we found there's more data?
$read = fread($this->_socket, $rb);
if ($read === false) {
if ($read === false || ($read === '' && feof($this->_socket))) {
// @fixme possibly attempt an auto reconnect as old code?
throw new StompException("Error reading");
// @fixme this will lose prior items
return $this->readFrames();
//return $this->readFrames();
$data .= $read;
if (strpos($data, "\x00") !== false) {
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