Commit 0de75ab9 authored by Evan Prodromou's avatar Evan Prodromou

fixed widths

parent 0eaeff2c
......@@ -153,14 +153,14 @@ function common_text($txt) {
function common_license_block() {
global $config, $xw;
common_element_start('p', 'license');
common_element_start('a', array('class' => 'license floatLeft',
common_element_start('a', array('class' => 'license floatLeft width25',
'rel' => 'license',
href => $config['license']['url']));
common_element('img', array('class' => 'license',
'src' => $config['license']['image'],
'alt' => $config['license']['title']));
common_element_start('span', 'floatRight');
common_element_start('span', 'floatRight width75');
common_text(_t('Unless otherwise specified, contents of this site are copyright by the contributors and available under the '));
common_element('a', array('class' => 'license',
'rel' => 'license',
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