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Commit 0bcecda1 authored by mattl's avatar mattl

more activity-like terminology in variable names

parent 1104ea2a
......@@ -42,25 +42,25 @@ class Fave extends Managed_DataObject
* Save a favorite record.
* @fixme post-author notification should be moved here
* @param Profile $profile the local or remote user who likes
* @param Notice $notice the notice that is liked
* @param Profile $actor the local or remote Profile who favorites
* @param Notice $target the notice that is favorited
* @return Fave record on success
* @throws Exception on failure
static function addNew(Profile $profile, Notice $notice) {
static function addNew(Profile $actor, Notice $target) {
$fave = null;
if (Event::handle('StartFavorNotice', array($profile, $notice, &$fave))) {
if (Event::handle('StartFavorNotice', array($actor, $target, &$fave))) {
$fave = new Fave();
$fave->user_id = $profile->id;
$fave->notice_id = $notice->id;
$fave->user_id = $actor->id;
$fave->notice_id = $target->id;
$fave->created = common_sql_now();
$fave->modified = common_sql_now();
$fave->uri = self::newUri($profile,
$fave->uri = self::newUri($actor,
// throws exception (Fave specific until migrated into Managed_DataObject
......@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ class Fave extends Managed_DataObject
Event::handle('EndFavorNotice', array($profile, $notice));
Event::handle('EndFavorNotice', array($actor, $target));
return $fave;
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