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Commit 0632d4f2 authored by Zach Copley's avatar Zach Copley

Merge branch '0.9.x' into json-activities

* 0.9.x:
  HTML and style cleanup for EmailSummary plugin.
parents 68017392 e9184dd7
......@@ -124,13 +124,18 @@ class UserEmailSummaryHandler extends QueueHandler
$out = new XMLStringer();
$out->raw(sprintf(_('<p>Recent updates from %1s for %2s:</p>'),
$out->elementStart('div', array('width' => '100%',
'style' => 'background-color: #ffffff; border: 4px solid #4c609a; padding: 10px;'));
$out->elementStart('div', array('style' => 'color: #ffffff; background-color: #4c609a; font-weight: bold; margin-bottom: 10px; padding: 4px;'));
$out->raw(sprintf(_('Recent updates from %1s for %2s:'),
common_config('site', 'name'),
$out->elementStart('table', array('width' => '550px',
'style' => 'border: none; border-collapse: collapse;', 'cellpadding' => '6'));
$out->elementStart('table', array('width' => '541px', 'style' => 'border: none'));
while ($notice->fetch()) {
$profile = Profile::staticGet('id', $notice->profile_id);
......@@ -145,30 +150,30 @@ class UserEmailSummaryHandler extends QueueHandler
$out->elementStart('td', array('width' => AVATAR_STREAM_SIZE,
'align' => 'left',
'valign' => 'top'));
'valign' => 'top',
'style' => 'border-bottom: 1px dotted #C5CEE3; padding: 10px 6px 10px 6px;'));
$out->element('img', array('src' => ($avatar) ?
$avatar->displayUrl() :
'class' => 'avatar photo',
'alt' => $profile->getBestName()));
$out->elementStart('td', array('align' => 'left',
'valign' => 'top'));
'valign' => 'top',
'style' => 'border-bottom: 1px dotted #C5CEE3; padding: 10px 6px 10px 6px;'));
$out->element('a', array('href' => $profile->profileurl),
$out->text(' ');
$out->element('br'); // yeah, you know it. I just wrote a <br> in the middle of my table layout.
$out->elementStart('div', array('style' => 'font-size: 0.8em; padding-top: 4px;'));
$noticeurl = $notice->bestUrl();
// above should always return an URL
$out->elementStart('a', array('rel' => 'bookmark',
'class' => 'timestamp',
'href' => $noticeurl));
$dt = common_date_iso8601($notice->created);
$out->element('abbr', array('class' => 'published',
$out->element('abbr', array('style' => 'border-bottom: none;',
'title' => $dt),
......@@ -178,21 +183,23 @@ class UserEmailSummaryHandler extends QueueHandler
if (!empty($convurl)) {
$out->text(' ');
array('href' => $convurl.'#notice-'.$notice->id,
'class' => 'response'),
array('href' => $convurl.'#notice-'.$notice->id),
_('in context'));
$out->raw(sprintf(_('<p><a href="%1s">change your email settings for %2s</a></p>'),
common_config('site', 'name')));
$body = $out->getString();
// FIXME: do something for people who don't like HTML email
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