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Commit 05fe4f6a authored by zach's avatar zach

Twitter-compatible API: /friendship/exists always failed - fixed!

parent 93ac0bca
......@@ -129,8 +129,8 @@ class TwitapifriendshipsAction extends TwitterapiAction {
$user_a_id = $this->trimmed('user_a');
$user_b_id = $this->trimmed('user_b');
$user_a = $this->get_profile($user_a_id);
$user_b = $this->get_profile($user_b_id);
$user_a = $this->get_user($user_a_id);
$user_b = $this->get_user($user_b_id);
if (!$user_a || !$user_b) {
$this->client_error(_('Two user ids or screen_names must be supplied.'), 400, $apidata['content-type']);
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