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Commit 022c1341 authored by Evan Prodromou's avatar Evan Prodromou

make deriving a subject from an RSS channel work

parent 1292230e
......@@ -799,20 +799,24 @@ class ActivityObject
$obj->type = ActivityObject::PERSON; // @fixme guess better
$obj->title = ActivityUtils::childContent($el, ActivityObject::TITLE, self::RSS);
$obj->link = ActivityUtils::childContent($el, ActivityUtils::LINK, self::RSS);
$obj->id = ActivityUtils::getLink($el, self::SELF);
$obj->title = ActivityUtils::childContent($el, ActivityObject::TITLE, Activity::RSS);
$obj->link = ActivityUtils::childContent($el, ActivityUtils::LINK, Activity::RSS);
$obj->id = ActivityUtils::getLink($el, Activity::SELF);
$desc = ActivityUtils::childContent($el, self::DESCRIPTION, self::RSS);
if (empty($obj->id)) {
$obj->id = $obj->link;
$desc = ActivityUtils::childContent($el, Activity::DESCRIPTION, Activity::RSS);
if (!empty($desc)) {
$obj->content = htmlspecialchars_decode($desc, ENT_QUOTES);
$imageEl = ActivityUtils::child($el, self::IMAGE, self::RSS);
$imageEl = ActivityUtils::child($el, Activity::IMAGE, Activity::RSS);
if (!empty($imageEl)) {
$obj->avatarLinks[] = ActivityUtils::childContent($imageEl, self::URL, self::RSS);
$obj->avatarLinks[] = ActivityUtils::childContent($imageEl, Activity::URL, Activity::RSS);
return $obj;
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