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Commit 0022bb81 authored by Evan Prodromou's avatar Evan Prodromou

fix calls to staticGet() to avoid problems with default args

parent feb9030f
......@@ -413,7 +413,7 @@ function common_remembered_user()
return null;
$rm = Remember_me::staticGet($code);
$rm = Remember_me::staticGet('code', $code);
if (!$rm) {
common_log(LOG_WARNING, 'No such remember code: ' . $code);
......@@ -427,7 +427,7 @@ function common_remembered_user()
return null;
$user = User::staticGet($rm->user_id);
$user = User::staticGet('id', $rm->user_id);
if (!$user) {
common_log(LOG_WARNING, 'No such user for rememberme: ' . $rm->user_id);
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