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    Stomp queue restructuring for mass scalability: · c74aea58
    Brion Vibber authored
    - Multiplexing queues into groups and for multiple sites.
    - Sharing vs breakout configurable per site and per queue via $config['queue']['breakout']
    - Detect how many times a message is redelivered, discard if it's killed too many daemons
     - count configurable with $config['queue']['max_retries']
     - can dump the items to files in $config['queue']['dead_letter_dir']
    Queue daemon memory & resource leak fixes:
    - avoid unnecessary reconnections to memcached server (switch persistent connections back in on second initialization, assuming it's child process)
    - monkey-patch for leaky .ini loads in DB_DataObject::databaseStructure() - was leaking 200k per active switch
    - applied leak fixes to Status_network as well, using intermediate base Safe_DataObject for both it and Memcache_DataObject
    Misc queue fixes:
    - correct handling of child processes exiting due to signal termination instead of regular exit
    - shutdown instead of infinite respawn loop if we're already past the soft memory limit at startup
    - Added --all option for xmppdaemon... still opens one xmpp connection per site that has xmpp active
    Cache updates:
    - add Cache::increment() method with native support for memcached atomic increment
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