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    Several fixes to make RabbitMQ a player. · c0498701
    Marcel van der Boom authored
      * extlib/Stomp.php
        -spaces for tabs (we're on PEAR, right?)
        - send: initialize the $properties parameter as array() instead of null
          this prevents unsetting $headers if $properties was not set
          (besides that, it's the proper way to initialize an array)
        - subscribe: insert FIXME's on ActiveMQ specifics
        - ack: make sure the content-length header is set *and* is zero.
          I have seen the header set to '3' there but could not find where it
          came from, this is at least safe.
        - disconnect: typo in $headers variable
        - readFrame: use fgets() instead of gets() so that RabbitQ, which is more protocol strict can also play
      * extlib/Stomp/Frame.php
        - spaces for tabs
        - add note on possibly protocol violating linefeed
      * extlib/Stomp/Message.php
        - space for tabs
        - add content-length header for message
      * lib/stompqueuemanager.php
        - use the notice for logging, not the frame
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