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    Fix ticket 1816: Database errors recorded as "Array" · 3d6a55a4
    Brion Vibber authored
    PEAR error backtrace lines are now correctly formatted as strings in debug log, roughly as debug_print_backtrace() does (but with argument values swapped out for types to avoid being overly verbose).
    Todo: exceptions and PEAR error objects should log backtraces the same way; right now it doesn't look like exceptions get backtraces logged.
    Todo: At one line per line, it's potentially tough to figure out what backtrace goes with what event if traffic is heavy; even if not heavy it's awkward to jump back into a log file after grepping to find the backtrace. Consider using a random per-event ID which can go in the log output -- bonus points for exposing the error ID to users so ops can track down actual error details in logs from a user report.
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