We are no longer offering accounts on this server. Consider https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/ as a place to host projects.

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There are a number of options for getting in contact with responsible
people for %%site.name%%.

Post a notice

If you have a question about how to do something, just post a notice
with your question. People here like to answer messages. Watch the
[public timeline](%%action.public%%) for answers; they'll usually start
with "@" plus your user name.


If you think you've found a bug in the [StatusNet](http://status.net/) software,
or if there's a new feature you'd like to see, add it into the [StatusNet bug database](http://status.net/bugs/). Don't forget to check the list of
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existing bugs to make sure it hasn't already been reported!


You can reach the responsible party for this server at [%%site.email%%](mailto:%%site.email%%).