Commit f003d6cf authored by Jonas Haraldsson's avatar Jonas Haraldsson

Incorrect dbms string for postgres index creation

dbms is 'pgsql' for PostgreSQL
parent 48ba50a9
......@@ -374,7 +374,7 @@ if (isset($_POST['install'])) {
$adodb->Execute("CREATE INDEX scrobbles_time_idx ON Scrobbles(time)");
if(strtolower(substr($dbms, 0, 8)) == 'postgres') {
if(strtolower(substr($dbms, 0, 5)) == 'pgsql') {
// MySQL doesn't support the use of lower() to create case-insensitive indexes
$adodb->Execute("CREATE INDEX album_artistname_idx ON Album(lower(artist_name))");
$adodb->Execute("CREATE INDEX track_artist_idx ON Track(lower(artist_name))");
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