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  1. 20 Apr, 2011 1 commit
    • P. J. McDermott's avatar
      Clean up code in Nixtape views. · 20aebcbe
      P. J. McDermott authored
      Changes include:
        - Correct braces around conditional and loop constructs, enforcing the
          one true brace style.
        - Fix cases where spaces were used for indentation.
        - Fix incorrect indentation.
        - Delete whitespace at the ends of lines.
        - Delete stray whitespace in the middle of lines.
        - Change double quotes to single quotes where escape sequences and
          variable substitutions are not used.
        - Fix some letter casing in symbol names (e.g. "Exception" instead of
      These changes make the codebase more consistent and compliant with the
      coding standard.
  2. 17 Apr, 2011 2 commits
    • P. J. McDermott's avatar
      Fix a possible bug introduced in 0717257d. · 5876b7e5
      P. J. McDermott authored
      Functions that call Group::tagCloudData() expect an Exception on error,
      not a Boolean false return value. Fix the method to again throw the
      Exception. Leave the try...catch block in it to make the thrown
      Exception obvious.
    • P. J. McDermott's avatar
      Catch one last Exception from Artist::__construct(). · 14cb665b
      P. J. McDermott authored
      Instead of returning a white screen of death with an uncaught exception
      message, omit artist information from the XML document when the artist
      of a loved or banned track can't be found. This should also resolve
      issue #209, though a more thorough analysis of the cause should be done.
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