We are no longer offering accounts on this server. Consider https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/ as a place to host projects.

Commit c6c0512c authored by Jørgen Bøhnsdalen's avatar Jørgen Bøhnsdalen

Fixed register.php to match the information given in stable.

parent eef2e825
......@@ -148,9 +148,11 @@ if(isset($_POST['register'])) {
$url = $base_url . '/register.php?auth=' . $code;
$content = "Hi!\n\nSomeone from the IP-address " . $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] . " registered an account "
$content = "Hi!\n\nSomeone registered an account "
. "at http://alpha.libre.fm. If this was you, please visit the webpage specified below to activate "
. "your account. If not, please disregard this email.\n\n" . $url . "\n\n- The Libre.fm Team";
. "your account within 48 hours, after which time all information provided by you and "
. "your activation code will be permanently deleted from our database. If you do not want to activate your account, "
. "please disregard this email.\n\n" . $url . "\n\n- The Libre.fm Team";
sendEmail($content, $email);
// Remove auth code and set their username as the invitee
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