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Commit 9e638e18 authored by tobyink's avatar tobyink

Just adding this temporarily to bootstrap groups. Gone soon.

parent 23383e88
/* Just adding this temporarily to bootstrap groups. Gone soon. */
// $res = $mdb2->query("CREATE TABLE Groups (
// groupname VARCHAR(64) PRIMARY KEY,
// owner VARCHAR(64) REFERENCES Users(username),
// fullname VARCHAR(255),
// bio TEXT,
// homepage VARCHAR(255),
// created int NOT NULL,
// modified INTEGER,
// avatar_uri VARCHAR(255),
// grouptype INTEGER)");
$mdb2->query("INSERT INTO Groups VALUES ('dev', 'mattl', 'libre.fm Developers', 'Developers of gnukebox, nixtape and libre.fm', 'http://ideas.libre.fm/', 1240945188, 1240945188, NULL, 0);");
$mdb2->query("INSERT INTO Groups VALUES ('altrock', 'tobyink', 'alt.rock', 'Grunge, indie, Britpop, Americana and more!', 'http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alternative_rock', 1240945288, 1240945288, NULL, 0);");
// $res = $mdb2->query("CREATE TABLE Group_Members (
// groupname VARCHAR(64) REFERENCES Groups(groupname),
// member VARCHAR(64) REFERENCES Users(username),
// joined int NOT NULL");
$mdb2->query("INSERT INTO Group_Members VALUES ('dev', 'mattl', 1240945188);");
$mdb2->query("INSERT INTO Group_Members VALUES ('dev', 'tobyink', 1240945189);");
$mdb2->query("INSERT INTO Group_Members VALUES ('dev', 'elleo', 1240945190);");
$mdb2->query("INSERT INTO Group_Members VALUES ('altrock', 'tobyink', 1240945288);");
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