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Commit 8c7b913c authored by tobyink's avatar tobyink

Wonder if this will work any better.

parent c325e9b6
......@@ -41,7 +41,8 @@ if($logged_in == false)
$user = $_SESSION['user'];
# Doesn't seem to work - $user = $_SESSION['user'];
$user = new User($_SESSION['user']->name);
$errors = array();
......@@ -114,8 +115,8 @@ if(isset($user->name))
$smarty->assign('fullname', getPostVar('fullname', $user->fullname));
$smarty->assign('bio', getPostVar('bio', $user->bio));
$smarty->assign('homepage', getPostVar('homepage', $user->homepage));
$smarty->assign('location', 'TEST'); # getPostVar('location', $user->location));
$smarty->assign('location_uri', print_r($_SESSION, 1));# getPostVar('location_uri', $user->location_uri));
$smarty->assign('location', getPostVar('location', $user->location));
$smarty->assign('location_uri', getPostVar('location_uri', $user->location_uri));
$smarty->assign('avatar_uri', getPostVar('avatar_uri', $user->avatar_uri));
# And display the page.
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