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Commit 728fea46 authored by Mike Sheldon's avatar Mike Sheldon

Add default limit to getNowPlaying.

Reduce cache for user specific now playing queries as this lookup is very cheap and apps making use of realtime now playing data need info as quickly as possible.
parent e003fb5c
......@@ -201,13 +201,13 @@ class Server {
* @param int $number The maximum number of tracks to return
* @return An array of now playing data or null in case of failure
static function getNowPlaying($number, $username=false) {
static function getNowPlaying($number=1, $username=false) {
global $adodb;
try {
if($username) {
$data = $adodb->CacheGetAll(60, 'SELECT
$data = $adodb->CacheGetAll(1, 'SELECT
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