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Commit 6b4de1d7 authored by clint's avatar clint

additional base_url patch from idflood

parent b4151b22
......@@ -81,7 +81,7 @@
<ul class="tagcloud" about="{$id}">
{section name=i loop=$user_tagcloud}
<li style="font-size:{$user_tagcloud[i].size}"><a
href="/artist/{$user_tagcloud[i].artist|escape:'url':'UTF-8'}" rel="{if $user_tagcloud[i].size|substr:-5 ==
href="{$base_url}/artist/{$user_tagcloud[i].artist|escape:'url':'UTF-8'}" rel="{if $user_tagcloud[i].size|substr:-5 ==
'large'}foaf:interest {/if}tag">{$user_tagcloud[i].artist|escape:"html":"UTF-8"}</a></li>
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